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D’ Elegance Café is an Ideal Saipan Destination Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Budget-Friendly Prices

Offering a fine selection of Filipino cuisine, D’ Elegance Café is the best place on Saipan for delicious, home cooked dining. On some days, the good people at D Elegance Café roast up a pig local style! D’ Elegance Café also serves a variety of popular Filipino desserts including native favorites like rice cake with caramel topping, sapin-sapin, coconut dessert, and maja blanca. Unlike the majority of restaurants in the island that only serve lunch and dinner at limited hours daily, D’ Elegance Café opens from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every can order whatever you feel like eating the whole day through. Credit cards are accepted. For reservations or inquiries, please call 234-9227.

About D’ Elegance Café

D’ Elegance Café aims to bring families and friends together through its inviting atmosphere, courteous staff and of course delicious, sumptuous and unforgettable Filipino dishes. Come and experience the splendor of authentic Filipino Spanish cuisine.

Popular Filipino Dishes

You can try our special orders like kalderetang kambing, crispy pata, pork hock, bulalo, beef shank, pork chop, Salisbury steak and chicken chaser, all below the $10 price range. If you are not that hungry, you can choose from our selection of deli sandwiches.

Home Cooking for You!

We at D’ Elegance Café gives assurance that efforts will be expended to maintain our status as "NUMERO UNO" in the food service in our community and beyond. Thanks to your loyal patronage, that honor of distinction will be our guiding mission.